CPA Convention in Eilat, ISRAEL
Cancer Prevention Convention in the Tel Aviv medical center

What I love most about giving lectures is being asked questions. I find it that the more people ask, the more I succeed in arousing and involving my audience.

Lectures in diet and nutrition-related topics are an excellent way obtaining fundamental knowledge and tools in the path to leading a more balanced, healthy, joyful living as well as a way of enriching conferences, social events, seminars, etc. 


I try to fit and shape each lecture to its specific audience. And the principle that guides me is that a good lecture has to be a fun and memorable one. That is why each lecture also combines humor and color.


  • HEALTHY EATING 101 – The lecture simulates routine grocery shopping, and deals with day to day food choice dilemmas that we all encounter.

  • NUTRITION MYTHS – The lecture shatters common nutrition, diet, and sport myths, and tells it like it really is.

  • WORK IT OUT – The lecture is specifically shaped to address and help deal with the difficulties, limitations, and temptations that work places may provide.