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My Methods


The Latin meaning of the word "diet" is a way of life, but in order for it to be so it is important that your diet will be tailor-made. A right diet should fit to your lifestyle and not the other way around.


In addition, a diet is often viewed as food restriction, that's the reason why many people tend to overeat in the days prior to their first diet appointment. My method is based on the understanding that you need to make room for so called forbidden foods even while on a diet. It is important that eating will remain enjoyable and not create a sense of frustration, which with time might result in the need for self-compensation.


Before we can come up with the right diet plan and goals for you, I must first get to know you. That includes your lifestyle and eating habits, your medical history, former diets and even their emotional implication. Only after we are well acquainted can we decide how to continue, without counting calories, without setting strict meal times, without restricting your food options only to home cooked meals, and without feeling the sense of hunger. As far as I'm concerned, the end of this meeting is the beginning of a new joined journey.


After choosing our game plan, it's time to put the diet to the reality test. Each person is an individual and that's why receiving feedback is a crucial part of the process. In those meetings we will check the diets' compatibility to your lifestyle, and if needed we'll make changes and adjustments. I will utilize these meetings to further enhance your knowledge and understanding in subjects such as food shopping tips, eating out, emotional eating, avoiding nutritional deficiencies, correct food distribution, food myths, sports nutrition and more. In addition to our meeting content, being in a professional supportive setting plays a key role in the success of this process.


As a certified and experienced support group facilitator I can honestly say that weight loss support groups are a positively enriching experience. Weight loss groups are more than just about learning how to eat right or taking part in a social gathering. It enables the participants to share their experiences, achievements, insight and difficulties. Add to that a pinch of competition and you’ve got a winner. Although every group meeting has its own nutritional agenda, I view the meetings as dynamic and flexible. There’s always room for adjustments according to needs and points of interest that arise during the meetings.

As part of the weight loss group, each participant gets a diet plan, which we learn how to change and adjust according to our daily constraints and lifestyle. Aside for our weekly weighings, we learn how to make right and balances choices, what to look for when going shopping, how to deal with holidays and eating out. Also, we learn how do deal with emotional eating and correctly identifying our true needs and triggers.

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